Access the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Manual

There are several ways to purchase and access the manual. Please review and select from the options below.

Online Access



Individual Online Diet Manual Access: This option is excellent for practitioners and dietetic students.

The online manual is updated regularly, offers printable patient education handouts in multiple languages, and has a built-in search capability. It is available online and can be accessed at any desired time.

This version is used as a single subscription and housed on our server and accessed by a username and password through internet browsers.

Special Offer for Online Subscribers:

Once you purchase your online subscription you will be able to purchase the hard copy at a 57% discount, ($100 value).

You will be prompted to accept this offer once you have completed your online subscription. Your purchase button can be found on the Table of Contents page of the online diet manual.


  • Limited to one hard copy at the discounted price
  • Purchases at the discounted rate will be validated by the office before processing
  • Purchase of 1 hard copy must be made within 3 months of the online subscription order

Hard Copy

from $175.00


Order the printed, hard copy: delivered as a two-inch binder set, 3-hole punched with front cover and spines assembled. Tabs are shrink-wrapped for customers to insert. Patient education materials included.

Your order will be processed by our printer. All shipping and billing information will be collected from the Budget Printing site. Click here if you have questions about the ordering process.



Enterprise Access

Contact us for pricing.

Want to order online access for a large enterprise? Please contact us to learn about pricing and availability.

Do you have an online Diet Manual subscription and think that is enough? Think again!

All healthcare workers should be able to understand if foods ordered and served are appropriate for the patient/resident/customer, especially when the dietitian is not available.

Although online access to a diet manual may be ideal in today’s world where technology is accessible in many different platforms from any location, it does provide challenges when your online platform is not accessible.

Here are some of the reasons why you should ALWAYS have a hard copy on file:

  1. CMS regulations stipulate that in time of “down-time” your diet manual should be accessible to anyone who needs it within your facility.
  2. Downtime is considered.
    – When electricity is out – perhaps after or during a storm
    – When the internet may be down – in time of a cyber security breach.
    – When all hardware is shut off – possible with malware presence.
    – Multiple other reasons may arise for why you are not able to access your online platform.


What to do during downtime?

Ensure all healthcare professionals have “access” to your hard copy!

They need to know where to find it when needed.

  • Storing it in a locked office that is not available after work hours is not acceptable.
  • Post the location of your hard copy in an area that is readily available to nursing and patient care providers:
    – Nurses’ stations
    – Break rooms
    – Doctor lounges
    – Resource centers
    – Newsletters
    – Orientation materials

The Florida Academy (FAND) offers an extremely sharp discount for its online subscribers. For any individual subscriber, FAND provides a 57% discount, valued at $100, so you can have both your online subscription and a hard copy. This will allow you to be regulatory compliant while fiscally savvy!